Comment Guidelines

– Please make sure all your comments are respectful, even in the midst of debate. Debate does occur, but any comments which are unnecessarily derogatory or personal attacks will be deleted.

– Please make sure that the comments are related to the discussion of the post and avoid being taken too far off track. Any suggestions for future posts can be made through the ‘About the Author’ page

– Please do not comment anonymously, but use your real name or something similar. This also goes for your contact and email adress or website. Any comments which attack or criticse anonomously will not be tolerated.

– Please do not comment more than once using different accounts or names. Comment only using the one account/name per thread

– Please use your own words or else refernce your sources and provide links where possible.

I reserve the right to delete any posts which I believe violate any of this guidelines.

– Jono

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