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trust & the beauty of dew drops

Lord, the morning is clothed with splendour, from the beauty of dewdrops to the slow rising of the sun.

And yet, as each day descendes into night, we trust that the morning beauty will come again.

Likewise, we pray to trust that You will decorate our lives with the essentials we need for today.


Common Prayer [2010], pg 148


“your will be done…. I think”: reflections on matthew 6:10

Prayer by Angu Walters

Praying “your wil be done” (Matthew 6:10) is harder than one might think. In fact, I think it is down right scary!

If we pray, “your Kingdom come, your will be done” we are asking God to align us with his priorities, with his mission – YOUR will be done, NOT mine. To pray, “your will be done”, means abandoning our own priorities and our own mission in order to be aligned with God’s priorities and God’s mission.

So often, even when we use these very words, we might find ourselves praying and asking God to change the situation to suit ourselves. But, as Andy Stanley would say, prayer is not so much about changing God but about changing us.

We experience stresses, life decisions, anxiety, pain, suffering… we probably experience it most days or most weeks. Many of life situations result in uncertainty. Our job can be uncertain, our financial situation, family relationships… many things in life result in us feeling uncertain, unsure of what to do, unsure of what will happen. Life can be a struggle and things can fall apart, and things don’t necessarily go the way we planned.

It is at these times that we often find ourselves praying more than we normally would.

But if we are honestly seeking God’s Kingdom – God’s will, not ours, God’s priorities, not ours, God’s mission, not our own – then this is a scary kind of prayer. Read the rest of this entry

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