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An Unconventional Beginning: Hope from Scandal

Ever gone through and looked at your family tree? Any scandals in it? Any people who have given you a “less than desirable” heriatge?

Ever looked at Jesus’ family tree?

The book of Matthew, in Chapter 1:1-25, records Jesus’ genealogy and it’s is unconventional to say the least. It’s bizarre… it’s scandalous.

If you cross reference Jesus’ genealogy with what is in 1 Chronicles you will find a few people missing. And this is because Matthew, the writer of this genealogy, is only writing down who he sees as being important in Jesus’ line.

The most important name is that of David (v6). David was a King of Israel and there were many prophecies about the messiah, the saviour of Israel who would come from the line of David. David is important because it shows that Jesus, who claimed he was the messiah, Jesus’ genealogy fulfils the prophecies about the messiah coming from David’s line. If you want to show your Kingly heritage, you would want a pure genealogy showing all the nice pure Jewish people that give you the backing to be King of the Jews. Read the rest of this entry

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